GTS02 Introduction

The Seventh German Technology Symposium & Exhibition (GTSOZ) is being held at a time when Thailand’s economy is experiencing a strong recovery, following the traumatic regional economic crisis that began in 1997 and having withstood the world-wide economic tempest of 2001.

Thailand is now reaping the fruits of having used the economic crisis of the late 19903 as an incentive to modernise her economy in an intelligent manner. Today, foreign business people find in Thailand a society with a legal and economic system that resembles the one they know at home, making adaptation easy. For example, the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand is, in a large part, identical with the German one.

Furthermore, Thailand has taken measures to complement the traditional export orientation of her economy by additionally focusing on tapping the reservoir of her big local market. Thus, the country is achieving increased economic resilience, which is also leading to new opportunities for German investors.

The pending completion of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) will establish Thailand firmly as the hub of a vast market of over 500 million consumers, which will be further enlarged by additional bilateral free trade agreements

with countries outside the limits of AFTA. All this is a good omen for Thailand’s economy and, therefore, the success of GTSOZ.

Education, training and research in Germany are world class. Unfortunately, at times, this fact has been an all too well-kept secret. Language and a degree system that were internationally not well known, have been hindrances in the past. However, a continuing changeover to the more established Anglo-American structuring of degrees, as well as increasing usage of the English language in tuition, are changing this picture. Therefore, a large number of German universities and training institutes are presenting themselves at GTSOZ .in order

to promote the value and benefits of studying in Germany among Thai students and their parents.

A total of 179 German companies, organisations and federal States are participating in GTSOZ, making this one of the biggest German events in Thailand ever. This large number is clear proof of the continuing confidence that German industry places in Thailand, and it bodes well for an increased participation of German firms in Thailand. Germany has long been Thailand’s most important European partner, while being a relatively small investor as well as trading

partner overall. The very strong presence of Germany at GTSOZ shows the clear determination of German industry to position itself more centrally as a key partner and supporter of Thailand for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Cr. Seventh German Technology Symposium & Exhibition 2002 (GTS02)


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