The history of Phuket


Formerly known as ‘Phu-kej’ –  Muang Kaew (city of glass) which is from the old name of the city, Manee Kram, called by “Ta-Min”. As discovered in the historical archives in B.E. 1568 (1025), Phuket has been recognized for over 1000 years by oversea merchants as a stopover on the ship route between China and India through Mala Peninsular. One of the oldest historical archives that recognized u this city is the geography book Th‘ and sailing map of Ptolemy who, in BE. 700, recorded his journey Au from Suvanabhum down to Malay Cape through “Junk Ceylon” cape which is believed to be Phuket Island today

The Paradide Attracting All Tourists Worldwide

Due to its richness of natural beauty, power beaches and emerald sea, Phuket, the paradise attracting all tourists worldwide, is a modern city with equipped infrastructure to facility tourism activities.

Prior to a city of tourism, Phuket City was developed from tin mining area; As tin has been demanded by global market, people were flooding into this city for mining industry, especially the Hokkian group either from Singapore, Penang or China. This group settled down at this city, introducing their culture, resulting in cultural distinctiveness in Phuket. Among others are Sino-Portugese architecture, local cuisines. costumes, customs, and traditions, treasured and cherished by many generations until today.

Source : Leaflet


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