Message from Thaksin Shinawatra

It gives me great pleasure to extend my congratulations to the GermanThai Chamber of Cormerce for once again organizing the Seventh German Technology Symposium & Exhibition (GTS02) here in Bangkok.

Since 1985, the first German technology symposiums and exhibitions have been held in Thailand with great success. Besides providing access to the latest technology and promoting closer cooperation, contributing to the forging of stronger business ties, such symposiums have created vital links to technical institutions and a strengthening of relations and friendship between our business people and the general public.

l am particularly happy to see the strong educational side of the event, particularly academic training and professional education. Both sectors are of enormous importance to the future of our country and their value for our further development cannot be overemphasized.

i am, therefore, very pleased to offer my best wishes to the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and all cooperating German and Thai organizations for the success of the Seventh German Technology Symposium & Exhibition, which ‘I am sure will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by members of the technological and industrial sector as well as the general public.


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