Message from Phinit Jarusombat

Development of science and technology is the basis for our economic recovery, as they are a prerequisite for the development of both production and service sectors. in addition, technology transfer from abroad is needed as a supplement to speed up the economic development process, GTS02 will allow ample opportunity to transfer German technology in all major fields, especially the capital goods industry sector. This technological transfer in turn will help us to achieve our goal of sustainable development.

Furthermore, the strong presence of German universities and research institutes at GTSO02 will bring across further co-operations in the fields of science, research and development. The education possibilities, which are offered by those German institutions, will help us to create a sufficiently large number of skilled personnel in the areas of science, technology and engineering, which, in addition to the transfer of technology, will also help to support sustainable national development.

GTS02 is a further building block in the long-established partnership between Germany and Thailand in the fields of science and technology. l am, therefore, convinced that GTS02 will play an important role in the further deepening of this relationship.

On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, l wish to thank the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in bringing this very important event to Thailand, already for the seventh time. l wish GTS02, therefore, all success.

sorce : GTS02


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