Recommend Local Restaurant


The Pioneer and the biggest authentic Thai cuisine 84 seafood restaurant facing the Chalong Bay with a vast selection of specialties and wine. in Phuket. Kan Eang Seafood is a favourite destination for both Thai and foreigner in search of the best seafood on the island Highly recommended by local residents as the place to enjoy the widest variety of delicious seafood. Located under the shady trees on the beachfront at Chalong Bay.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00-22:00 Where How to get there : Chaofa Rd , Chalong Bay.

The local restaurant which served genuine authentic local cuisine in Phuket, the taste was great. This place located in the Centre of Phuket town, opposite with Phuket Weekend Market (Night Market). The recommend dishes are “Mieng~Pla-Pow” (Wrapped grilled fish with salts), “Baeu-Tod” (batter-fried prawns with freshwater algae), “Hor-Mhok” (steamed fish with curry paste in coconut leaves wrapped), “Naamprik-Goong-Siab” (Dip with Shrimp Phuket style), “Yum-Sarai” (Seaweed spicy salad). and many local cuisine.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00-14:OO and 17.00-22.00 Where : Wirathongyok Rd, A.Muang Phuket / Opposite with Phuket Weekend Market (Night Market).

Krua Baan Mae is a local restaurant, focus on local cuisine and wild foods. The restaurant’s atmosphere like as the homemade dinning by “Mom”, the taste of foods was spicy and delicious, provided the fresh ingredients every day. Recommend dishes are “Kang-Som~Pla~KrapongYod-Mapraw” (hot and sour soup with fish meat and coconut shoots), “Moo-Sam-Chan-Kua~Klaeu” (Stir fried pork with salts), “Kung-PadNaamprik-Gapi-Sato” (Shrimp paste chili sauce with Sam), etc.

Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00 -22:00 (Closed on every lst and 16th)
Where: Sakdidet Rd, Soi 7

Kan Eang@Pier is a long-established restaurant specializing in seafood and local delicacies. It features both indoor and outdoor areas and offers great views of the marina. There is also a breakfast outlet I cafe’ so there’s really something for everyone.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:30- 23:00
Where: Located on the shore of Chalong Bay, right next to the jetty.

Source : Leaflet


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