Message from Ludwig Georg Braun President Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry

In the globalized economy both countries, Thailand and Germany, can only secure their respective competitive positions through the development of human capital, know how, and advanced technological capacity. While Germany has been confronted with this challenge for many years, for Thailand the need to move towards a strong and independent high tech sector came apparent with the 1997 crisis situation. In addition, rising labour costs make it more and more difficult to compete with Asian neighbours in the traditional low tech industries.

Against this background it is extremely good news for me that the German -Thai Chamber of Commerce is again successfully organizing the long established German Technology Symposium & Exhibition. ln the present time of a sluggish world economy more than 170 participating companies and organizations from Germany demonstrate a remarkable interest in economic and technological cooperation with Thai companies and institutions. At the same time, the high number of participants is proof of the strong confidence of German business in Thailand’s prosperous economic development.

I am sure, the coming Symposium and Exhibition will provide another great setting for creative thinking on ways our business communities can work together in effective technological partnerships.

Sorce : GTS02


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