Message from Sumate Tanthuwanit

When the previous German Technology Symposium & Exhibition (GTS) was held in 1999, Thailand was still in the clutches of its deepest economic crisis in living memory, although even then e a silver lining was already appearing on the horizon. GTS02, in contrast, coincides with Thailand’s return to economic strength. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that Thailand’s economy has returned to pre-crisis levels. Furthermore, practically all economic analysts are currently revising their forecasts for the development of the Thai economy upwards. These are indeed positive signals for GTS02.

Technological transfers from Germany to Thailand and economic relations between our two countries have a long and mutually beneficial history. One milestone of this longstanding partnership has been the founding of the GermanThai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) in 1962 exactly 40 years ago. Since then the German~Thai Chamber of Commerce has gone from strength to strength. The first German Technology Symposium & Exhibition was organised by GTCC already in 1985. Not only GTCC in itself, but also GTS, being the most important technological German event in Thailand, has grown tremendously, and I am proud that GTS02 is one of the biggest such undertakings ever.

As GTS02 is happening at a time when Thailand is showing such a strong recovery, provides an excellent chance for the participating German companies and organisations to present their technologies and products to potential Thai partners. These technologies in turn will provide important tools for Thailand to complete its economic restructuring and modernisation. German technologies presented at GTS02 are environmentally friendly. Therefore, they will also help to put our economy on a sustainable foundation.

Furthermore, sustainable economic development needs a well-educated human-resource base as well as research and development. Therefore, I am particularly happy that so many German universities and training institutes are participating at GTS02 in order to present themselves to the Thai public, especially to Thai students, on whom our future rests.

I am convinced that GTS02 offers many opportunities to establish new coOperations and deepen existing relationships between German and Thai Companies. On behalf of the organiser, lll wish all participants every success.

Sorce : GTS02


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