Temporary Tattoo Shop

Why Choose us?

Best Quality
Safe and Eco-Friendly
Resistant to cold or hot water
Lasts 5-10 days
Exquisite Pattern

New Bling Foil !!
Has special Foils, which the color-layer with best chemical stability, not affected by the solvent, high salinity and sweat invasion turbidity. Always bling.

Exquisite, No Crack
The nano fibrous microporous structure can keep consistent with the skin elasticity, resistance to various pulling.

0.05mm will do?
We use the micro hot mine-control technology to significantly enhance the stamping precision, accurate reduction 0.05mm fine line release.

Comfortable !
The materials are from internationally renowned enterprises, with which, Tattoos be comfortable for skin, you won’t feel tight when using.

Breathing Bronzing
Bronzing tattoos with unique nano finer permeability layer, not only to strengthen the adhesion, also provides air exchange channels.

For Children !
Raw materials through the most stringent FDA certification, accord with the cosmetics, FDA standards, They are safety, non-toxic side effects.